Critical Force Measurement with ZT-1 & ZT-4

The ZT tonnage load module is designed for critical force measurement applications where accuracy, extreme stability, and dependable noise rejection is essential. It is equipped with an LED bar-graph voltmeter for easy setup and diagnostic. The ZT is DIN rail mountable and is designed to interface with a PLC analog card and to display output through a human machine interface (HMI).

The ZT module is available in Single-Channel (the ZT-1 as pictured above) and in Four-Channels (the ZT-4 as pictured to the right).

  ZT-1 ZT-4
Designed to work with strain gauge
  sensors and load cells. The ZT
  can also accept input from 4-20mA
  current output sensors or voltage
  output sensors.
Simultaneously provides normal peak,
  reverse peak, and track voltage
Simultaneously provides normal peak,
  reverse peak, and track 0-20mA current
Built-in threshold trigger simplifies
  installation. External probe trigger
  can also be used when situation
LED bar-graph voltmeter for easy setup
  and diagnostic.
Built-in 1 Mega Ohm calibration shunt
User selected external shunt resistor
  can be used for load cell applications.
x1 and x10 amplifier gain ranges to
  work with either strong or weak signal
  from the load sensor.
Auto-Zero can be selected using dip
  switches to compensate for zeroing
  errors caused by environmental changes
  such as temperature, humidity, and etc.
Electrical noise rejection filter can
  be enabled when situation required.
Plug-in connectors for easy wiring and
Standard DIN Rail mount simplifies
  systems integration.
Modular with common bus design allows
  future upgrade and expansion.
CE Certified
Transducers Full bridge, 120 to 1000 ohms.
Sensor Excitation Built in +10VDC at 250mA max.
Balance Range +/- 1mV/V of sensor imbalance
Gain Ranges Low range = x50 to x550 adjustable
High range = x500 to x5,500 adjustable
Calibration Shunt Built-in 1 mega ohm (.1%),
or external custom shunt (ZT-1 only)
Output Range -
Normal Peak and Reverse Peak = 0 to 10VDC
Track output = -10 to +10VDC
Output Range -
  Current (ZT-1
Normal Peak and Reverse Peak = 0 to 20mA
Track output = -20 to +20mA
Circuit Inaccuracy +/- .1% of full scale max.
+/- .02% of full scale max.
Auto Zero Time constant = 10 seconds. DIP switch selectable.
DC to 5,000 Hz
Speed Limit 2000 SPM max. when triggered by External Probe
500 SPM max. when triggered by Internal Threshold
-4 to 158 degree F, or -20 to 70 degree C
Display LED bar-graph voltmeter for setup and diagnostic
Trigger Internal Threshold (.35V / .70V), or External Probe.
Probe Input NPN/PNP proximity probes, solid state or dry contact relays. Built-in 24VDC at 80mA max. supplies power to the probe.
Input Power 24VDC at 300mA max. Automatic resettable fuse.
Mounting Standard DIN Rail mount
  Width Height Depth
Dimensions (ZT-1) 0.9 " 4.1 " 4.7 "
Dimensions (ZT-4) 1.9 " 4.1 " 4.7 "
Name Format Link
ZT-1 User Manual PDF link-icon
ZT-4 User Manual PDF link-icon
ZT-1 PRE-Calibrated Load Cells Manual PDF link-icon
Type Name Description Link
Standard Product PM Kit PM Kit includes strain gauge
  sensors, cables and mounting
Service Installation On-site product installation link-icon

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