Toledo Transducers calibration laboratory and calibrations are conducted according to ISO/IEC17025.

This accreditation assures our customers that their load cells have been calibrated in conformity with national standards. ASTM recommends re-calibration of load cells once every year, and more often where heavy usage or possible damage has occurred. A company's own quality policy may also dictate a more frequent calibration schedule. Toledo Transducers is one of the country's largest labs providing certified calibrations in compression up to 2 million pounds. We can provide tension calibrations to 120,000 pounds. We make every effort to design and build the highest quality load cells. Providing high quality calibrations is an integral part of our quality system; insuring our customers the best products.

Levels of Load Cell Calibration:

30 Point
The highest level of calibration that we offer. It requires three runs of ten points each (in addition to 'as received' data.) Each of the three runs is taken along a different axis of the load cell. Because we gather significantly more information about the load cell, this method provides the most accurate description of the load cell's performance characteristics. As would be expected, this is also the most expensive type of calibration and is normally required only in special circumstances.
Toledo Transducers 1017
The most common type of calibration. This method consists of two runs of five data points each and also contains the "as received" data. While this provides less data than the 30 Point method, it is normally adequate for most uses.
Single Point Commercial
These calibrations consist of recording the maximum load twice, with a zero return between the two points. While this yields only very limited information, it is an efficient and inexpensive way of insuring that the load cell is in proper working order.
Customer Calibration
We can structure a calibration to fit the loading characteristics of your real world application. Be sure to contact us to discuss these requirements.
TIS first requires a PO for an evaluation fee (or credit card info) for any unit in need of repair and/or calibration.

After TIS receives the PO (or cc info) for evaluation, an RMA # and form will be issued to the customer.
After the form is completed and returned to TIS, the customer may then send in the unit for evaluation.

Once the unit has been evaluated, TIS production manager will contact the customer with our findings, a quote for the repair, and a request for an updated PO (or approval of new amount for credit transaction).

If unit is deemed unrepairable, the customer will be charged evaluation fee plus shipping (both ways, if the customer wants the unrepairable unit returned to them).

If unit is deemed under warranty, the evaluation fee will be waived, and the customer is only responsible for the shipment of the unit to TIS.

If unit is deemed unrepairable and customer purchases a new unit TIS will waive evaluation fee.

For a quoted calibration:
Please contact Toledo for a requested quote. Once you have received our quote and you are ready to send in the load cells please send a PO for the calibration you choose. Once we receive your PO we will be able to issue an RMA # and form. Please complete the form return it to us, then you may send in the load cells.

For a repair of a monitor:
We first require a PO for our evaluation fee (please contact us for a evaluation fee amount for your specific monitor). Once we receive your PO we'll be able to issue an RMA # and form. After the form is completed please return it to us and then send in the unit. Once the unit is fully evaluated our production manager will contact you with our findings, a quote for the repair, and a request for an updated PO.

Toledo Transducers at your direction can supply a recalibration due date on the new calibration certificate. Please indicate your due date and please specify the time frame.

Contact Toledo Transducers for pricing on your requirements

Toledo Transducers will gladly calibrate your instrument with the load cell needing calibration. For instrumentation NOT sold by Toledo Transducers, please provide a manual. ****This will be required to prevent delays in service.****

If Toledo Transducers, after consultation with the customer, is unable to perform services quoted due to the load cell condition, the load cell will be returned at the customers request. A $150.00 evaluation fee will apply. If the load cell specifications or performance guide lines are not provided, then Toledo Transducers will proceed to report the load cells best capability.

Payment / Terms & Delivery:
Be sure to indicate method of payment with the RMA to prevent any administrative delays We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express  A hard copy purchase order is requested Please contact us for current delivery times  Terms are Net 30 days F.O.B. Holland, Ohio - All domestic and international charges apply Please advise on carrier
The two (2) documents listed below provide the scope and accreditation for Toledo Transducers with regards to calibration.

Scope: The range of calibrations that we are able to provide.

Accreditation: Recognizes that Toledo Transducers has passed an annual audit at 100%. All standards and calibrations are traceable to NIST.
NIST Traceability of Load Cells: NIST traceable means an accredited laboratory's calibration standards are certified to have direct traceabilty to the NIST primary standards.

Non-Accredited laboratories have NOT demonstrated "NIST Traceability" to a third party accrediting agency. Toledo Transducers accrediting agency is A2LA.

Document Features: The two effects that make Toledo Transducers calibration certificates unique are the date of calibration and the serial number of the artifact load cell being calibrated.

Notice that the "as received" data is exhibted on the certificate with the 30 Point and the TT-1017 documents. Our calibration certificates enable you to track the health of your load cell through us documenting the no load zero balance (NLZB) and the input and output impedance. In the event that the load cell has been over-loaded, these measurements can provide insight into the event severity.

Below are sample certificates of what we provide with new Toledo Transducer load cells or those sent to us for recalibration.

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