The T400 is a tough and reliable bonded strain gauge sensor. When it is properly affixed to an operating machine, it provides an electrical signal proportional to the load. Toledo Monitors and Modules digitally display the tonnage information as a calibrated value. It measures tension or compression and in tons or pounds. The sensor can be installed on weld pads or by drilling and tapping. Hardware for both methods is included in the sensor kits. A Micro size is also available.

PM1 Kit: (1) T400 sensor with 35' cable; mounting fixtures & hardware, typically used with special machinery or applications.

PM2 Kit: (2) T400 sensors with 35' cables; mounting fixtures & hardware, typically used with c-frame type presses.

PM4 Kit: (4) T400 sensors with (1) 20', (2) 35' & (1) 50' cables; mounting fixtures & hardware, typically used with straight-side presses.

  Standard Option
Quick and easy installation  
Measure tension or compression  
Accurately measures in tons or pounds  
Used on all types of presses  
High output strain gauge based design  
A Micro size also available  
Used in all Toledo Monitoring Systems  
Hole Centers .572"x1.750" (for 1/4-28 socket head screw)
Excitation Voltage,   Typical 10 VDC or AC rms
Excitation Voltage,   Maximum 15 VDC or AC rms
  Effect on Output
0.02% of load/Deg. Fahrenheit
Rated Output with
  Weld Pads, Typical
1mV/V at 400 micro-inches/inch
Rated Output,
± 0.10 mV/V
Maximum Strain,
600 micro-inches/inch
Construction 17-4 PH stainless steel
Cable 4 conductor, shielded, oil resistant, polyurethane jacket
  Width Height Depth
Dimensions 1.00 " 2.19 " 0.25 "
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Standard Product Tonnage Monitors Toledo's line of tonnage
Service Installation On-site product installation