Two Channel Monitoring

The N600 is a cost effective two channel monitor for measuring force on a variety of machines. The N600 shows total, left and right force readings on a five (5) digit LED display. With ease of operation, alarm capacity and high set point alarm limits will provide greater machine and tooling protection as well as quality control. The N600 can be a standard or flush mount installation (as shown in the picture).

  Standard Option
Left, right, &total tonnage display  
Deviation from tonnage setup  
Displays tons or percent deviation  
High &low tonnage display  
Target Tonnage Indicator lights  
Capacity &working tonnage alarms  
Low alarms may be disabled  
Automatically sets benchmark tonnage  
View calibration numbers  
Percent of benchmark setpoints  
Percent of capacity setpoints  
Automatic Zero Balance  
Displays alarm setpoints  
Accepts two or four sensor inputs  
Analog output jacks  
Standard RS-485/232 serial port  
Part counter or Reverse load  
Key reset  
Flushmount Kit  
Time based signatures  
Overload counts  
Pressroom networking  
No. Of Channels Two (2)
Sensor Inputs Full bridge strain gauge sensors
Analog Output 1.25VDC @ press capacity
Resolution Each channel provides a five (5) digit load value in 1024 resolution
Speed Limit Up to 400 SPM with threshold trigger
Up to 2,000 SPM with probe trigger
Display Five (5) digit LED, seven (7) segment display
Keypad consisting of three (3) tactile switches
Serial Port RS422 (9,600 or 115,200 baud)
for PressNet serial interface
Ethernet Port 10 Base T for PressNet ethernet interface
Probe Input Built-in voltage source (12VDC, 100mA max)
provides power for the probe. It supports NPN
and solid state or dry contact relay
Top-Stop Relay Mechanical relay with N.O. and N.C. contacts (8A @ 250VAC or 30VDC)
Power Req. 20 Watts max, 16-28VDC
  Width Height Depth
8.07 " 5.83 " 2.8 "
8.07 " 5.83 " 1.8 "
Name Format Link
User Manual PDF link-icon
Type Name Description Link
Standard Product PM Kit PM Kit includes strain gauge
  sensors, cables and mounting
Standard Product PressNet Networking software that
  provides detailed production
  and tonnage information
Standard Product TT-Graph Signature analysis program that
  generates tonnage signatures
  and provides a simple approach
  for analyzing the signatures
Service Installation On-site product installation link-icon

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