Monitor Force & Protect Investments

The TQM is important for powdered metal, compaction, insertion, staking and in-die applications. It is used with "in-line" load cells and strain gauges. Die setup, SPC work and quality assurance are made easier when using a TQM Tonnage Monitor. Not only will it monitor force, but it will assist in protecting your investments by reducing downtime, improving productivity and improving product quality.

  Standard Option
Manual alarm setpoints  
Automatic setpoints  
Displays total force  
Low alarm can be disabled  
High & low set point display switch  
Excellent electrical noise rejection  
Capacity alarm  
Four or six digit display  
One or two sensor inputs  
Analog output jack  
Bi-directional RS-485/232 interface  
Automatic Zero Balance  
Use with load cell or T400 sensors  
Part counter  
Reverse load display  
High Immediate  
Time based signatures  
Pressroom networking  
No. Of Channels One
Sensor Inputs Full bridge strain gauge sensors
120 to 1000 ohms
Up to (2) 350 ohm sensors
Sensor Excitation Built-in 5VDC @ 70mA max (Short circuit protected)
Balance Range +/- 1mV/V of offset
Gain Range Low Gain = 0.568mV/V to 5.000mV/V
High Gain = 0.057mV/V to 0.625mV/V
Analog Output 35mm stereo phono jack
2.5VDC @ Press Capacity
Accuracy +/- 1% of full scale max
Non-linearity +/- .1% of full scale max
Flat DC to 1KHz
Display 4 or 6 digit display
Display Update Every Stroke (up to 2 updates per second max)
Resolution 1024 or 2048 count
SPM 400 SPM (threshold trigger)
2000 SPM (probe trigger)
Calibration Shunts 1 Meg Ohm .1% precision resistor
Trigger Probe or Threshold
Threshold Probe Built-in voltage source (12VDC @ 50mA max) provides power for NPN or PNP proximity probes. Also supports limit switch, solid state or mechanical relays
Resolver Interface No
Shutdown Relay 7.5A @ 120VAC
N.O. and N.C. Contact
Bypass switch available
Power Req. 18 Watts max, 85-140VAC @ 50-60Hz OR
170-280VAC @ 50-60Hz
Operating Temp. 0-70 degrees Celsius
Weight Approximately 7.5lbs
  Width Height Depth
Dimensions 4.33 " 6.06 " 7.52 "
Name Format Link
User Manual PDF link-icon
Type Name Description Link
Standard Product PM Kit PM Kit includes strain gauge
  sensors, cables and mounting
Service Installation On-site product installation link-icon

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