The Toledo DPPlus 2.0 unit is a basic press automation and control system that integrates die protection, programmable limit switches, brake monitoring, optional tonnage monitor and job storage into an easy to use encoder-based package. The DPPLUS 2.0 unit itself is a "loose" package and is designed for mounting in a NEMA rated enclosure or a panel.

The DPPlus 2.0 comes standard with 8 die protection inputs, 8 programmable limit switch outputs, brake monitor, parts and batch counters, separate immediate stop and top stop outputs and configurable message inputs. The DPPlus 2.0 has the capability to store information for 100 jobs.

  Standard Option
8 die protection  
Die protection input diagnostics  
8 Programmable limit Switches  
Mechanical PLS relays - SPDT  
Batch, part & stroke counters  
Up to 100 job storage / recipes  
Copy / duplicate job settings to new job  
Speed compensation (PLS)  
Time based brake monitor  
90 degree stop test  
Encoder based (360 degrees @ 1° res)  
Motion detection  
3 password levels  
Individual window settings for all die
  protection inputs and PLS outputs
Individual alpha/numeric names for DP,
  PLS and job storage
Clutch/brake fault and prompt messages
  (BCD Inputs)
Alarm History (FIFO)  
Remote reset push button input  
Press position display (0 - 359)  
Top-stop compensation when used with
  a Press Pilot 150
CE compliant  
2 or 4 Channel Tonnage Monitor  
Input Power Includes 24 VDC Power Supply (2.1 Amp),
 requires 120 VAC (2 Amp)
Inputs 8 Die Protection (24 VDC, NPN)
1 Brake Monitor (120 VAC)
3 Encoder Signals (24 VDC, NPN)
1 Remote Reset Input (24 VDC, NPN)
1 Coil Change (24 VDC, NPN)
Outputs 8 Programmable Limit Switches (Mechanical - SPDT)
3 Dedicated Outputs (Mechanical - SPDT)
1 Immediate Stop (Mechanical - SPDT)
1 Top Stop (Mechanical - SPDT)
Limits 500 SPM; Operation Temp 0-70 degrees C
Requirements NEMA enclosure; Encoder with cable
Display 4.3" Color Touchscreen (standard)
7" Color Touchscreen (optional)
10" Color Touchscreen (optional)
Name Format Link
User Manual PDF link-icon
Specifications / Features PDF link-icon
Type Name Description Link
Standard Product Encoder Encoder link-icon
Service Installation On-site product installation &
Standard Product Press Attendant DPPlus 2.0 & Tonnage Monitor link-icon

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