Toledo Integrated Systems offers a press control and basic automation package with the DPPlus TPC.

This package is an economical choice to use when you update the press safeties and require a minimal amount of automation (die protection, programmable limit switches, tonnage monitoring, etc.).

This package meets and exceeds OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards.
As with all Toledo Integrated Products, our Basic Press Control is engineered and manufactured in the United States in Holland, Ohio.

  Standard Option
Dual processor w/watchdog circuit  
Anti-tie down protection  
Anti-repeat protection  
Dual channel monitored E-stop circuit  
Protected memory (each processor)  
Off, inch, single & continuous modes  
Clutch & counterbalance air pressure
Press position verified each cycle  
Speed compensated top-stop  
Top stop overrun protection  
Uncommand motion & drift detection  
Clutch valve fault monitor input  
120 VAC or 24VDC E-stop circuit  
Light curtain interlocks  
  Standard Option
Eight (8) die protection inputs (NPN)  
Three (3) dedicated outputs
Eight (8) programmable limit switches  
Individual window settings for all DP
  inputs and PLS outputs
Mechanical PLS relays - SPDT  
Batch, part & stroke counters  
One hundred (100) job storage/recipes  
Individual alpha/numeric names for DP,
  PLS and job storage
PLS speed compensation  
Alarm history (FIFO)  
Motion detection  
90° Brake monitor test  
"No Motion Fault" fault  
24VDC Power supply included  
Color touchscreen (4.3")  
Color touchscreen (7")  
Color touchscreen (10")  
Press angle & SPM  
90° Brake monitor fault  
Coil change mode  
Copy/duplicate job settings to new job  
Jobs back up on USB drive  
Remote reset push button input  
Time based brake monitor  
90° Stop test  
Encoder based (360 degrees @ 1° res.)  
3 Password levels  
NEMA enclosure  
Motor controls  
2 or 4 Channel Tonnage Monitoring  
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User Manual PDF link-icon
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Type Name Description Link
Standard Product 1662 Encoder Press Position Encoder link-icon
Standard Product Universal sensor interface box Universal die sensor interface
Standard Product Prox Kit Verify position with a prox kit Inquire
Standard Product Run Bar Operator run bar Inquire
Standard Product Run Stand Mounting the run bar Inquire
Standard Product Foot Switch Operator foot switch Inquire
Standard Product Safety Valves Herion or Ross safety valves Inquire
Standard Product Pressure Switches Pressure switches Inquire
Service Installation Control & Automation Package

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