The TTLM I/O load module is designed for critical force measurement applications where accuracy, extreme stability, and dependable noise rejection is essential

The signal conditioner is a load measurement device and is used as an analog output (+/- 10 VDC), from a peak hold circuit, to be used with such PLC families as Allen-Bradley & Siemens as well as other data acquisition systems. These systems will provide the display and alarm control functions.

The TTLM has high sensitivity levels that work well in an electrically "noisy" environment. It has two amplifier gain ranges (span ranges) and can accept either weak or strong signals from the load sensor.

The TTLM module is available either in an AC version [customer selectable between 110V and 220V] or a 24 VDC version, depending on the power source the customer wishes to use. The 24 VDC version is certified to be in conformance with European CE standards. Either version is available in one, two or four channels.

The TTLM is included in our tonnage kits. These kits include the TTLM (signal conditioner), PM Kits (strain gauge sensors) and the ladder logic and screen programming needed to include tonnage monitoring into your existing PLC logic.

  Standard Option
Signal conditioning module for strain
  gauge sensors & load cells
Four independent channels for
  accommodating up to eight sensors
Uses full-bridge sensors from 120 Ohms
  to 1,000 Ohms
Plug-in connectors are used for the
  sensor inputs
High/low sensitivity span ranges
  selected with front panel switch
Power input/output are plug-in
Built-in automatic peak load memory
Peak measurements are made with an
  external trigger device
Built-in power supply for stable operation
  and noise rejection
Compact size to fit almost any location  
Steel enclosure for maximum protection
  and noise rejection
Automatic Zero Balance  
From one to eight sensor inputs, one or
  two per channel
Analog output terminals  
CE Certified  
PLC Ladder Logic  
HMI Screen Program  
No. Of Channels One, Two, Three or Four
Sensor Inputs Full bridge strain gauge sensors
120 to 1000 ohms
Up to (4) 350 ohm sensors
Sensor Excitation Built-in 12VDC @ 300mA max (Short circuit protected)
Sensor Input
4-pin .2" pitch Phoenix connector
Auto-Zero Time
10 seconds
Balance Range +/- 1mV/V of offset
Gain Range Low Gain = 100-1,000x
High Gain = 1,000-11,000x
Analog Output +/- 9VDC
Analog Output
6-pin .2" pitch Phoenix connector
Peak Decay Less than 1% of full scale in 10 minutes
Accuracy +/- 1% of full scale max
Non-linearity +/- .1% of full scale max
Flat DC to 1KHz
Resolution Not Applicable
SPM 2000 SPM (probe trigger for peak capture)
Calibration Shunts 1 Meg Ohm .1% precision resistor
Trigger Probe for peak capture
Threshold Probe Built-in voltage source (12VDC @ 50mA max) provides power for NPN or PNP proximity probes. Also supports limit switch, solid state or mechanical relays
Resolver Interface No
Shutdown Relay No
Power Req. 12 Watts max, 100-130VAC @ 50-60Hz OR
200-260VAC @ 50-60Hz
(Use 5mm x 20mm SLO-BLO fuse)
Expansion No
Operating Temp. 0-70 degrees Celsius
Weight Approximately 4.0lbs
  Width Height Depth
Dimensions 2.25 " 9.00 " 4.00 "
Name Format Link
User Manual PDF link-icon
Type Name Description Link
Standard Product Tonnage Kit Include tonnage monitoring into
  existing PLC applicaiton
Standard Product PM Kit PM Kit includes strain gauge
  sensors, cables and mounting
Service Installation On-site product installation link-icon

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