The Signature Tonnage Kit provides peak tonnage information for a variety of PLCs.

Allen Bradley CompactLogix or ControlLogix PLCs using our ZTSLM-4 module, PM Sensor Kits, communication cable and application software (PLC and PanelView Plus).The Signature Tonnage Kit also includes SLIMWARE signature software that can be run on an industrial PC at the press or installed on a lap top computer.

The software packages include the following features and information listed below.

Information displayed on the PanelView Plus operator screen:

  • Four corner & total tonnage display
  • Four corner & total tonnage signature displays (with enveloping)
  • Four corner & total reverse tonnage
  • High and low set points
  • Five adjustable enveloping zones
  • Master signature overlay capability
  • Benchmark tonnage
  • Percent deviation
  • Capacity alarms
  • Signatures with 1° resolution
  • Resolver position and calibration
  • Ability to bypass individual sensors
  • CCM (Critical Curve Monitoring)
  • Ability to bypass individual senso
  • CCM (Critical Curve Monitoring)
  • Configurable stop relay (Top stop or immediate stop)
  • Job/recipe storage (job parameters are available to be stored in the PLC or on the PC with SLIMWARE)
  • Alarm info. (# of capacity, highest load, # high alarms, last high alarm, lowest load, # low alarms, last low alarm, # of reverse)
  • Tonnage calibration
  • Max SPM is 800 (graphic update will be less)
  • Last 25 signatures stored in ZTSLM-4 (FIFO)
  • Single acton and servo press
  • Ability to manually save 100 master signatures (1 per job)
  • Tonnage Hard Hit signatures (100) are automatically stored (FIFO)
  • Bluetooth communication to ForceView - available soon

Additional information / features available with SLIMWARE*:

  • Ability to manually save signatures to a file on PC at any time
  • Log file can be configured to write to a text file for historical data
  • Tonnage Hard Hit signatures are automatically stored on the PC
  • Double action tonnage information

*Initial ZTSLM-4 configuration requires Slimware software

PLC Signature Tonnage Kit Diagram:

Type Name Description Link
Standard Product Resolver Precise crank-angle position
Service Installation On-site product installation link-icon

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