Toledo Integrated Systems has successfully integrated numerous hydraulic press controls throughout North America.

A hydraulic press is a complex machine which can be overwhelming for an operator or integrator who is not familiar with the hydraulic system. While a bit intimidating at first, the benefits of a hydraulic press can overshadow the cons dramatically.

Toledo Integrated Systems is able to provide you with the knowledge and experience that you're looking for in a company to update your existing hydraulic press controls.

Along with the basic PLC and HMI design, engineering and integration, we're also able to offer custom integration ranging from press interlocks to interfacing with other parts of the hydraulic press line such as the feeder or transfer systems.

Below is a general list of what can be included with our hydraulic press control solution. As with many of our products and services, each package can be custom designed and integrated to fit your needs.

The hydraulic solution can include:
  • PLC (Customer Spec, All Required I/O)
  • Proportional Valves (If Required)
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Motors or Solenoids
  • HMI (Customer Spec)
  • Operator Enclosure (NEMA Rated)
  • All Required Pushbuttons, Select Switches & Pilot Lights (Allen-Bradley unless customer spec)
    • Mode Selector Switch
    • Continuous Arm Push-Button
    • Top-Stop Push-Button
    • Emergency Stop Push/Pull Button
  • Linear Transducer
  • Documentation (Manual & Electrical Schematics)
Standard Hydraulic TPC features and options:
  • Protected memory (each processor)
  • Anti-tie down protection
  • Anti-repeat protection
  • Single and double action modes
  • Input status diagnostics
  • Monitored force guided relays for safety related outputs
  • Dual channel monitored E-stop safety circuit
  • Inputs for two operators
  • Fault & prompt messaging
  • Light curtain & guard interlocks
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Oil temperature display
  • Lube system control & monitoring
  • Hydraulic pumps control & monitoring
  • Leveling and IMC interface I/O & Logic
  • Press position (linear transducer)
  • Press SPM display
  • 50 job storage
  • 8 die protection stations
  • 8 programmable limit switches
  • 2 or 4 channel tonnage monitoring
  • Counters (part, stroke and batch)
  • Return from position (tonnage)
  • Online help menus
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Enclosure air conditioner

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