Repeatable Shut Height Adjustment: Key to consistent, quality parts.

The Ram View is a resolver-based Stand Alone Shut Height system that provides an accurate readout of the current shut height as manual adjustments are made. Position accuracy is ±.001" or ±.01mm. The unit works with most single turn resolvers, including the Toledo made TR-2 resolver. Once positioned at your desired shut height, the unit has a save feature to ensure consistent target height for the next time that die is loaded.

The 4.3" full color-touch screen allows for easy adjustments to parameters as well as additional advanced settings. There is a fault relay contact (typically wired into the press's immediate stop circuit) that will open if the shut height adjustment is outside the programmable upper or lower limits. This relay will also open if the actual shut height position is not within the tolerance of the target position. Both tolerance and target position are easily programed through the touch screen.

The unit is easily calibrated by adjusting to two known positions and entering the data into the screen. Included is an easy to follow step by step on-screen calibration procedure. The accuracy, tolerance monitor and save feature of this unit give your operator all the tools to ensure the shut height is adjusted properly at all times.

  Standard Option
Ethernet communication to
  4.3" Color Touch-Screen
Single turn resolver-based system  
English or Metric display  
±.001" or ±.01 mm resolution  
Up to 60 target positions can be saved  
65" max adjustment  
1600 resolver rpm max  
64-bit quad core CPU  
USB connections allow easy
  firmware update
Input Voltage 24 VDC
Position Input Resolver
Outputs (1) shut down relay (solid state w/NO contacts - NC available)
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 2.4 & 5GHz 802.11b/g/n/ac Wireless LAN; Bluetooth 4.2 & BLE
USB (4) USB 2.0 ports
Ethernet (1) TCP 10/100 mbps standard
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