Our Die Protection Sensors were designed to allow maximum flexibility and to be compatible with most control units in the industry. They are also easy to install and inexpensive to own.

This system provides die protection for more complex dies and presses over 150 tons. It also offers expansion capability and ease-of-use.

EP-1 Die Mount Sensor: 
The EP-1 is mechanically mounted right to the die. It is typically used to monitor the end of strip for proper feed condition (short feed or long feed). But it may also be used to monitor the proper transfer of parts in transfer dies, as well as detect the unwanted presence of feed apparatus in the die area.

EP-2 Magnetic Mount Sensor:
The EP-2 sensor monitors the end of strip for proper feed condition (short feed or long feed). This sensor is unique in our industry in that it mounts anywhere in the die by using a powerful magnetic base. The base features a quick release mechanism for easy set-up and repositioning. That's a real plus in quick die set changes.

BP-1 Buckle Sensor: 
The BP-1 detects buckled material before it ever reaches the die area which prevents accidents before they can happen. The gap between its probes is very easy to adjust to accommodate different stock thicknesses and buckling conditions. This sensor also has a quick release magnetic base for quick set-up and repositioning.

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