The HYD Maximizer is a fully integrated hydraulic press automation and control system. The PLC-based package allows for customization and expandability. Create the system that fits your needs now, then enhance and expand as your needs change. Only PLC based systems can offer you the versatility and flexibility that you require for your production environment. Have your die protection, tonnage monitoring, programmable limit switches, brake monitoring, counters and more with the HYD Maximizer! These systems can be used with many different types of machines and hydraulic presses.

The HYD Maximizer is easy to set up and operate. There are user-defined names for auxiliary automation using alpha/numeric entry. The die/job number automatically recalls all previous settings for faster and more accurate die setup. The die protection and tonnage monitor are programmable to bypass coil fed progressive die stations until material is through the die to reduce nuisance alarms during coil change.

We offer many press control solutions through our HYD Maximizer package. See below for our complete HYD Maximizer package listing.

  Standard Option
7 inch Touch Screen Color HMI  
10 inch Touch Screen Color HMI  
Tonnage Monitor (2 or 4 Channel)  
Reverse Tonnage Display  
Position Display  
Signature Based Tonnage
  "through the stroke"
4 Die Protection  
Additional 4 Die Protection (8 total)  
Coil Change Mode  
4 Programmable Limit Switches
  (Set by position or time)
Additional 4 PLS (8 total)  
Brake Monitor W/ 90� Stop Test  
Drift Detection Fault  
Part, Stroke, Batch, Good Part
Error & Fault Messages  
Alarm History  
E-Stop Circuit Monitor & Diagnostics  
Speed Compensation  
50 Recipe / Job Storage  
Additional Recipe / Job Storage  
Multi-level User Access  
MaxNet / PressNet Compatible  
Preventative Maintenance Screen  
Part Image / Job Storage  
Lube System Monitor / Control  
Hydraulic Valve Safety Control
  (Up, Down and Speed)
Main Motor Pump Control  
Counterbalance Control  
Servo Feed Interface  
Shut-height Monitoring  
Linear Transducer Position Feedback  
Universal Sensor Interface Box  
Standard Sensor Interface Box  
Clutch/Brake Controller  
  Die Protection
Inputs 4 Standard
Sensor Type Momentary (1 to 50 max cycle),
  Maintained (1 to 50 max cycle),
  Static, Static W/ Window
Power For
24VDC, 750mA max
  Programmable Limit Switches
Outputs 4 Standard
Position Output Up to 2 on/off windows
Timed Output 1 to 10 seconds
Speed Comp. Individual speed compensation value for each output
Mechanical Relay NO and NC contacts, 10 AMP @ 250VAC, 10 AMP @ 30VDC
Solid State Relay
NO contact, 3 AMP @ 140VAC
  Tonnage Monitor
Channels 4 Standard (Up to 8)
Sensor Inputs Full bridge strain gauges, 120 to 1,000 ohms,
  up to (8) 350 ohm sensor inputs
Sensor Excitation Built-in 10VDC @ 500mA max. (short circuit protected)
Balance Range +/- 1mV/V of offset
Gain Range 100 to 11,000x (digitally controlled)
Analog Output 1.25VDC at press capacity
Analog Output
.15"pitch Phoenix connector
Inaccuracy +/-1% of full scale max
Non-Linearity +/-.1% of full scale max
Flat DC to 6KHz
Resolution Each channel provides a 4-digit load value in 2048 count
Calculation based on 1 Meg Ohm shunt resistor
  Motion Detect
Start Time Limit Adjustable up to 800ms
SPM Limit Max and min limits, SPM motion output relay (same as PLS)
Drift Detection Alarm when 3 or more degrees of incorrect motion is detected
Dual Safety Valve
110VAC mechanical relay (other voltage available)
Type Name Description Link
Standard Product Die Protection Box Standard die protection box
Standard Product Die Protection Box Universal sensor interface
Service Installation On-site product installation