PWi PressWatch Forging Tonnage Monitor

PWi Presswatch Forging Tonnage Monitor Cost-Effective Full Featured Tonnage Monitor

PWi Presswatch Forging Tonnage Monitor
Cost-Effective Full Featured Tonnage Monitor

The PWi Presswatch Forging instrument monitors multiple press tonnages during the forming of a single part. The forming tonnage for up to four unique die stations can be displayed and each station has it's own set of tonnage limits. Each set of tonnage limits is based on a benchmark value unique to the station using the convenience of AUTO-SET.

The PWi Presswatch Forging monitor displays the forming tonnage for each station sequentially. Station #1 shows the tonnage developed in the Buster operation. Station #2 shows the tonnage that is generated in the Blocker operation and so on up to four stations. Once the sequence is completed, the forging monitor assumes that a new part is starting and returns to Station #1 again.

Time based (standard) and resolver based (optional) tonnage signatures are viewed on the LCD screen, along with tonnage limit settings, alarm history, job storage, deviation and more.


  Standard Option
Monitor up to four stations  
Reverse Load Display  
Signature Analysis - Time Based  
Resolver Input For CCM  
Menu-Driven User Interface  
(2) Shutdown Relays (Top & Immediate)  
100 Job Storage  
(1) RS422 / (PressNet)  
Ethernet Port  
PressNet V5 Compatible  
120VAC Input Power  
24 VDC Input Power (DC version is
  compliant with European CE standards)


No. Of Channels Two, Four or Eight
Sensor Inputs Full bridge strain gauge sensors
Analog Output .25" stereo phono jack
2.5VDC @ Press Capacity
Display Back-lit 1.5"x2.75" LCD graphical display (64 x 128 pixel)
(5) Led displays, each consisting of five 7-segment displays
Keypad Menu-driven keypad consisting of six tactile switches
Job Storage 100
Resolution Each channel provides a 5-digit load value
Serial Port 1 RS422(9,600 to 115,200 baud) for PressNet software interface
Serial Port 2 & 3 RS422 (9,600 to 115,200 baud) for data transfer
Probe Input Built-in voltage source provides power for the probe. It supports
NPN/PNP proximity probes, and solid state or dry contact relay.
Shutdown Relays Top Stop relay and Immediate Stop relay
(Mechanical relay with N.O. and N.C. contacts)

  Width Height Depth
Dimensions 8.9 " 6.88 " 5.0 "


Name Format Link
User Manual PDF


Type Name Description Link
Standard Product PM Kit PM Kit includes strain gauge
  sensors, cables and mounting
Standard Product Resolver Precise crank-angle position
Standard Product PressNet Networking software that
  provides detailed production
  and tonnage information
Standard Product TT-Graph Signature analysis program that
  generates tonnage signatures
  and provides a simple approach
  for analyzing the signatures
Service Installation On-site product installation


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